TrueCaller: Say Goodbye to Spam Callers

Spam callers are always out there – no matter how much you try to keep them out. Before TrueCaller, there were barely any effective method to instantly identify a prank caller and keep them off one’s life. Now though, it’s become a lot easier to keep up with spam callers and shut them off someone’s life right at the moment they make a call. TrueCaller is basically a call blocker app but with so much information stored in its servers that it can instantly identify a prank caller by cross-matching with their database. Sounds complicated? It’s not.

TrueCaller Supported Platforms and Download

TrueCaller is supported in Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms. The respective app stores have the installer files securely uploaded for pretty much all the regions.

Downloading the TrueCaller would not take much time or effort. Like any other app downloads, TrueCaller also downloads in a blink of your eyes. Then the installation should continue and once done, the user gets to open the app. The first screen may take some time to launch. Afterwards, TrueCaller would ask the user to register for an account and associate the account with their cellphone number. A number must be used since it’s a call blocker and caller identification app. For signing up, one could open a new TrueCaller ID or just use an existing Facebook or Google ID with TrueCaller.

Using TrueCaller

Once TrueCaller is installed and set up, it will apparently just sit in your smartphone and do nothing. At least that’s what it seems to be, but TrueCaller is a lot more than that.

When an incoming call rings on a smartphone, TrueCaller app would run the caller’s number through their servers and look for a contact name if the number isn’t stored in the phone’s contact book. There’s an option to mark a cell number as a spam caller right from the incoming call screen. The same way, one can see whether a mobile had ever been marked as a spam number. If you happen to be one of those people who don’t like taking calls from unknown numbers, TrueCaller is the app you need in your phone as a must-have.

We really liked the Caller ID feature because it makes life a lot easier and efficient. There are times when we might even delete the numbers of our close ones – due to a smartphone theft or system error; hundred more reasons could be listed. Having TrueCaller would save our back!

Using the filter functions, user can block numbers starting with specific prefixes. If you wish not to receive a call that starts with 1-800 ever again, just define the desire through the preferences and voila!
Request Someone’s Contact Numbers

You could request someone’s contact number through TrueCaller, if only they use TrueCaller as well and live close to you. TrueCaller would assess the users’ vicinity through GPS and allow this option only for the people that are located close-by. If the other side accepts the request, the requesting side will receive the contact number.

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If you are tired of prank and spam calls, then TrueCaller is the perfect app you are looking for. It comes in the app stores for free!

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