Top 10 Street Foods in India

Local dishes and delights are not served in the lavish hotels and restaurant outlets, the best way to equip the heritage India’s different dining delights you must opt for the Street Foods available as sold at streets, public areas, in the fair by Hawkers. You carry a great love for foods, here is the list of Top Street foods choice available in India, try the best delights and mark them in your wish list tank.

10. Mirchi Bajji
The famous Hyderabadi common snack or we can call appetizer offers sizzling stuffed chili fritters. Serving the Stuffed Green Chilly with Mint Chutney will just add more spice to your boring Day. Different vendors will serve Mirchi Bajji’s with different kinds of stuff across India.
09. Egg Rolls
Kolkata originated Kathi Rolls and Egg Rolls are the new hangout evening snacks, the Rolls are served as fried egg wrapped around a Paratha served with special chutney or sour dipping sauce at many of the roadside stalls.


08. Kachori
The name Kachori needs no introduction as the most famous snacks available with many combined options as Chutney or special Aloo Sabzi for Kachori. Kachori is the royal taste of India with Rajasthani origin, the Bikaneri Kachori is served with popular Mirchi bada available as abundant local street food.
07. Litti Choka
The traditional dish from the North Indian Kitchen mostly from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar is the new favorite street food that found fame in the recent years. You can name Kitti Choka as the siblings of Dal Bati- Rajasthani Dish. The Traditional Dish is cooked with Sattu and Grinded Gram as stuff and served with chokha made up of potato, brinjal, and tomato.
06. Vada Pao
The lifeline street food and hope of great food for Mumbaikers, you can call it the Indian version of Burger with buttery bake. The food is known as the food item straight from the heart of Maharashtra, vada served as Bun with Stuffed Pav and condiments as red or green chutneys and fried green chilies.

05. Aloo Tikki
The combination of Gol Gappe along with Aloo Tikki is not new, the easy reach street food available at most of the city in India has its origin from Lucknow. Aloo Tikki is the northern Indian snack stuffed with potato fried and mashed with a red and green chutney that offers delicious exotic mouth watering taste.
04. Poha Jalebi
The dish from Indore cited in the heart of Madhya Pradesh, Indore is popular for a culinary range of namkeens, samosa and Poha. The combination may look alien but together Poha with Jalebi tastes awesome in combination. Poha and Jalebi have earned a worldwide appreciation for its taste.
03. Idli Sambhar
The dish from the South is famous across India, the rice cake like Idli in combination with a special set of Sambhar as a recipe formed with collective boiled vegetables add taste and health both in same Thali. Sambhar with Idli and Coconut Chutney is the best Street Breakfast to start your day.
02. Tunde Kabab
The lavish Street Food Tunde Kabab from the Lucknow City of Nawabs is the topmost delicious street food for every NonVegetarian. The soft and squeezy form with spicy grilled taste will surely let you feel amazed. TUNDE added to name will surely surprise you; Haji Murad Ali the creator of the Kabab has only one hand so the kababs become famous as Tunde Kabab.
01 Chole Bhature
The top choice or we can say taste lovers have crowned Delhi’s Chole Bhature as the best Street Food. The authentic tastes of Chole with Fried Bhature as the companion partner are available easily with affordable price range across most of the city roads. The famous Punjabi dish is commonly eaten as both Breakfast and Snacks.

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